• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 02

I Can See Your Bones!

"Well it's apparent to me!" Scotty said, swaying in formation with the other twenty people hanging on for dear life on the morning tube. Scotty always made Fiona feel like she was picking up semolina with chopsticks. "You're so transparent, you might as well forget to wear skin - I can see your bones!"

Fiona reflected on his statement. One. It's not a crime to see people's failings and comment on them. Two. She didn't need hundreds of friends and if they were friends then they would accept her as she is. Three. Do you have to talk about personal things on the tube?

Scotty smiled at her, knowing she'd take it to a deep place, a place that's filled with doubt ridden prophets. "Look, I'm not saying you're wrong, I'm just saying that there's a way of telling people. You don't have to be so direct, it can be said with a disarming smile; for example..." the train made an abrupt wobble making everyone groan. Fiona looked into his beautiful, half Indian eyes hating how they made her feel.

The train continued on its journey, rushing the underground passages like an amphetamine worm, tugging pulling and wrenching abnormally. Many people's eyes reflected questions: Should a train be behaving in such a dreadful manner? Pulling us so roughly? Is something wrong? Yes, something was terribly wrong. In two minutes the train would hit a bad weld and blackness, six of its carriages toppling and turning end over end, each pulling the other in a deadly tug -of-war; and when it's all over, Fiona; one of the only people to survive will lean over to Scotty and say to him with a disarming smile:
"Scotty, I think you might be dead." He will agree, the truth reflected in his sightless eyes; she could see it in his bones.