• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 02
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I call this planet home

I have no face no name no game
Barefoot I came
No shoe
I have, that's true
No home you say?
I disagree!
No roof no grounds no bills to pay
But see:
The stars are mine
So is the sea
The bush the beach the tree.

There are some sacred castles here
- At least they are to me.
One is a tent
big and white
On kangaroo island
One is Where the cherries are
And flowers on a dam
It's where my little garden is
A dear
And Favorite men
But the closest to my heart
Is solid and a rock
It's weirdly shaped and worth to walk
A hundred miles per night
To Be there when the sun comes up and feel so much alive.


I call this planet home

As i embrace the early day
Like a beloved wife
I do embrace the nights as well
The dark the moon the night.
My thoughts
You see
Are silent then
and clear
It's only me who is in sight
I'm free I breathe I'm here.
So if you say
No house I have
You might be right
It's true!
But home I am
As everyone
In love in truth in light.
I call this planet home to me.
I am
right here: you see.
So take some light of mine
Wherever you will go
Because who ever shares a place
Shares a moment, too.
The paths to cross and love to share in all the tiny bits
It's all we have in times like this
And catch these bits
and feel this love
Is why I wander, sail and roam
The earth:
I call this planet home.