• Vol. 06
  • Chapter 10
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I am the emperor of the sea and you are simply a pig

Even so, from this angle you are beautiful.

Yes, here I am, lounging on the sea floor in this, my come-to-bed robe.

I am trying to impress you.

Observe, as I lift a bunch of grapes above my head.

Seedless, yes.

I am playing my own slave. Fanning my own self with a palm frond. Running my own hands over the sodden velvet upholstery of my gilt-framed divan.

Indeed, you are correct – you have much to learn.

Did I mention that you’re beautiful?

Here, I will take your trotter in my upraised hand.

Oh. It is surprisingly alive.

The time must almost be upon us, then.

This? Oh, nothing. Just something my mother held as a child.

No, there has never been another time between us.

Your belly is taut as a sky before rain.

Do not be afraid.

When your blood clouds down through the water, only then will the sharks be released from my mouth.