• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 06
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I aimed too high aimed too low (into a perfect blue)

this is where the road rises
at a border between living and dying
a wash of crimson light the celebratory rush
of spun shapes held to the sun

On a bridge, a landscape
in the red-tilting, a tiled town of mourning
in lakes of reflection

"All that I searched for
I cannot sleep now how could I sleep without music"

And it was said,
"As my eyes closed my heart, listening
to blood surging around this world
of sun and words and loss"

A hope chest
flung open while shrinking under
the weight of medals

Metal blood’s taste dawn’s sleek
fields of bombs land mines
the menace that bleeds
into cups of water
down sinks down drains


I aimed too high aimed too low (into a perfect blue)

(A baptism’s swath
a marching band of blue(s) always carried
the suitor’s burden the suit in luggage
wheeled for the music of sidewalks
a grinding reel for concrete

Sons killing on roads killing fathers after
removing juxtapositions of a tempestuous template
A Temple of Hubris, no grace in the tempo of leaving, with
a mesh of interwoven gauze a (gaze) into
the All (and) All the invention of (And) the invitation
Along the road to the glass work(s), Temples of Towers,
Temples of Art

In the labour market (or something),
in the service of something
much darker) of mulch and cities in reflective shot-glasses
A Prism’s refraction.

To walk on the red water the water the red water
A chrysalis gets us nowhere (in a hurry) chrysanthemum
in rage (Not a scourge) of ancient
fluttering flapping flutes of wine served.


I aimed too high aimed too low (into a perfect blue)

Without an answer we must answer to this orgy
of blood
"Generals, it serves no purpose,
is no Olympiad no statue to glory"
Gloria, never
waking again, breathless
Has never been will never be again
(Be) as you were

Buzzing pollinating bees are pollinating trees
Sitting on a fire escape writing me from Ljubljana
‘They are turning parts from land mines into jewelry’

Pendants bracelets mobiles
This is how to do it this is why I came here
This is how I miss you.