• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 05

Hummingbird’s-Eye View

This too shall pass
as the future wanes.
My travels from worlds
near and far and back again
revealed a life of
chaos and strife.
Time is my greatest teacher.
Tomorrows lessons
will have to wait
because yesteryear
is where I’ll stay.
Endicott’s magic city
will remain my safe haven,
resuming simpler
times of the 1850’s,
sitting in the sun porch,
sipping sun made lemonade.

The new era is too trifling –
confined to dwellings
when the heavens roar.
This consumed hemisphere
will not thwart my efforts
of a serene life, this I assure.
I traveled back to placid lands
where lithography
like aged wine will
remain for ages,


Hummingbird’s-Eye View

where early caretakers
carved pathways
for a future that couldn’t stand still.
I settle in my village
on safe lands
smelling delicate
native blossoms, gazing
at the quickened and marvellous
red-throated hummingbird.