• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 12
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Human Sprouting Tree!

I ate an apple from a tree
Pale green with hint of rose
The juice so sweet, I ate it whole
The seed began to grow!

The roots they sprouted from my arms
Its leaves orange gold and blue
They kept on sprouting endlessly
My head grew branches too

I shower with a watering can
To preserve, nurture my roots
Which grow so fast, I have to trim
My tree-heads budding shoots

I dance and sway with mother Earth
In blue skies, summer's breeze
You'll hear me rustling gently so
With all the other trees

I wonder if I'll grow green apples
My fruits would fall on land
Organic, free for all to pick
With human loving hands

I'd nourish all the hungry folk
Who'd bake food from my tree
Cakes and pies with cinnamon
Apple juice, fruit tea


Human Sprouting Tree!

I'm home to all the birds and natures
Wildlife, living things
Like ants, worms, insects, fungi, lichen
Beetles, bats with wings

Owls hoot with their muted tone
I'm a human sprouting tree
My leaves are refuge from the rain
Shade from suns warm heat

So if you see me in the park
Feel free to climb on me
But don't cut down my branches
Or my leaves will die you see

I'm the lungs of the earth
Just like the ancient trees so tall
In forests like the amazon
Breathing life for all