• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 02
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Human, Post

For the first time,
My echo was voiceless.
Suspending, buffering, scraping along the hunks of carbon
[Looking for an opening]
For the first time
I could fly
My mind struggling to hold it all together
[Including the concept of all]
Hollow, the depressions of sockets,
Lacing wires of veins
That we longed to fuse, lights waking up
All over the world.
For the first time
I wondered if I would miss you
Filled with the kaleidoscopes of seasons -
Radioactive, decorated with decay;
Palettes of stardust
Hugged with laughter.
I miss crying
[I think].
I miss the traps of sense data
The sweet, acrid scent of birthday cakes
The wisps of confetti
Mixed with smoke
Fingers dancing along like ribbons
A montage growing, shrinking
Sinking beyond the horizon
For the first time,
I wondered if I was still human.