• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 05
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When I was on my own, in exile in the wilderness, I never had thought that fear would become such a good friend to me one day. They used to chase me away. Now I am a respected and feared “member”. They used to say I had outlandish ideas. Well, they’ve caught up with me.

Fear is essential. With the right amount of fear they are malleable, pliable. They strive on it, it’s almost like vitamin to their system. Therefore, I developed my howl to be the most feared, the most powerful. Even though it is only a put on. I lead them to the field, howl, they eat, I howl again and we run away. They believe in “the enemy”. They believe that there is another group that wants what they have. Just like the “collective”, this is another of their convenient illusions. Together they can avoid risks, perhaps they can live longer, but will never find new ways of seeing. I can negotiate. This makes me their superior.

They admire me, for I’ve given them what they always wanted. They don’t have to work. My selling point is that we provide a service - recycling in a way. The byproducts of any civilisation can threaten their very existence. My pack will always remove the flesh before it starts to rot and produce dangerous bacteria. The flesh is delivered by the owners’ own hands, freely. This is their way of dealing with their surplus extradites. It’s a perfect arrangement.