• Vol. 05
  • Chapter 06


i am amongst you as i am above you /
which is the traditional claim any god
makes i know / but bear with me here – /
just because something is repeated / in
bible and blueprint doesn’t make it boring
or false / how will you know when i
am close? / a light will arrive Mountbatten
pink in hue, Baker-Miller pink in intensity /
royal in the flush it gives you as you / realise
this is it – not the rapture but one of several /
i give out every single second / which you
would know if you cracked your carapace
a little / don’t be all hotsy-totsy that i am
not hotsy-totsy for you / yes i know being
a human is hard / but omnipotence ain’t
great shakes either / and while i’d ask you
up here / you’d kvetch about not being ready
yet / and so miss out on that feeling you get
when you watch Wings of Desire / which
with me you’d have all the time / no messing