• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 02
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Horse Head Bravery

In an instant, everything turned into wreckage. The sounds of aircraft roaring and bombs mercilessly being shot down from the sky of Syria urged people to disperse and scatter like a bursted string of pearls, its beads scattered disorderedly.

It was an unforgettable night when Ali heard his father's voice frantically trying to wake the family, to leave their house and go down for shelter. Frightened, he hurried off his bed.

After hours of continuous bombardment the night turned calmer, although it should’ve already been serene and peaceful.

Ali started looking for his parents and his little sister. “Where are they?” He found no trace of them. He was one of hundreds who lost their families.

Ali came out of the shelter and headed to his home, anxiety growing.

“Oh no..." he said when he arrived. It wasn’t a house anymore, as nothing remained of it, only wreckage.

He looked between the destructions, searching for what those merciless planes had left him, but he only found a horse's head statue remaining steadfast on a table, whose edges were shattered.


Horse Head Bravery

He carried the statue and went out roaming around the streets, questioning whether this statue was the only survivor of the incident. It was similar to the statue of the horse's head that stands in Hyde Park, in London. It was heard that it was the only survivor of a battle in Britain, however his statue seemed to be drinking.

“Horses are unable to drink when in fear." That's what his father told him while giving him the statue as a reward for overcoming his fear, when he agreed to go to the dentist as a young boy.

Is it possible for this statue to feel safe and peaceful in the midst of all the fear and dread? Ali thought to himself, as he continued to walk, snuggling the horse's head statue to his chest, desiring that he too could share its courage.