• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 02
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Horse and Man

A descendant of Pegasus
Though I am unwinged
I’ve been with you through history
Where battles were lost, and battles won
I was Bucephalus as Alexander rode
Conquering ever eastward
To Afghanistan and Lapis Lazuli
And when I was Incitatus
Caligula made me Senator of Rome
Yet Hannibal rode me, over Alps
With elephants to Roman gates
I rode under Crusader
Under Saracen too
I watched at Agincourt
As the longbow did its work
And without me to ride
King Richard lost his crown
I was there at Little Big Horn
At Custer’s last stand
Through the Great War I pulled
Labouring in the mud
Sometimes, I was set free
To frolic on grass, in the sun
Now I am a painting
Swinging above a pub
Now, I am the Nag’s Head