• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 08

Horror Under Glass

Captured, no escape,
I grasp my hair,
Gasp to catch my breath,
Oxygen running out,
My teeth grind,
My eyes pop,
I feel a chill, sweat
A fever, fevered panicking
Can't breath, who will free me?
Passersby only glance
Some giggle
Most ignore me
Can't they hear my cries?
Can't they see the desperation?
I long for the sea, the air, the sand
I long to swim free
To feel oceans cool,
To glimpse horizons broad
To embrace the warm of sunrise
Or to witness the light fade
Into the thousands of colors
As the sun descends beyond
The depths, overtaken by blue
Fading to indigo, then black
As a band of stars
Wraps across the arc
Of a night sky.


Horror Under Glass

Last breaths now...
Hopes evaporate as
Energy declines.
Dreams come strong now,
The final exhalation,
As my eyes close for good.
The ocean is eternal now,
As the tide takes me home.
Under glass only corporeal,
Always at sea in my heart.