• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 12
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Holding Her Breath for Starfish

On the dry sandy part of the beach she waited,
Outside the reach of a wave, for something,
Like a bird,
A crab,
Or a cloud to pass, but
The air remained still.

The ocean exhaled its frothy breath.
Ragged waves of dragged sand,
Dared her to sacrifice a toe and in exchange
An island waited for her.

A granite platform splashed but not covered by waves.
She’d reach the rock by night.
If she held her breath underwater,
Kicked with the force of a wave,

She’d sleep with one foot touching the ocean,
Her head next to a starfish.
She could balance on one foot,
Eat shell fish, like oysters or clams.

She’d wrap herself in a blanket of sea weed,
Watch the stars.
Never look back at the sand.

If only she held her breath
And kicked with the force of a wave.