• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 10
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What is this before me?
A picture? A painting?
A picture and a painting?
Who did this? Why?
There are people and lipstick,
And a hand, and the open sea,
And... And... And...
Who knows what else.
But, it's original.
It's originally unique.
That says something
More than I thought it could.
And, it's also a surefire way
To ensure recognition, remembrance.

I guarantee you I will not
Forget this piece.
It'll stick to my bones
In the dreaded hours of night.
I will awaken, open to
Memories, bent on
Recalling this very masterpiece.
And in that moment,
In that one, secretive, shut-me-in
Moment, I will be free.
And you will too.