• Vol. 01
  • Chapter 12
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He stares over shivering water.
The island where she waits
hides in snow, pale rainbows
imprison the moon.

He sickens for her forbidden
wild honey, desire’s hot pepper
spicing the salt-bitter tang
of her skin. Almost he can
taste her on his lips.

Wood-smoke from cooking fires
wafts by - he sniffs the fern and manuka
of her hair, her breath’s
kowhai blossom whisper
Come to me!

Ripples lap a background
to her flute’s high haunting notes.
The rocks around him seem to sigh
and murmur in time to her tune.
His pulse drums.

Water so cold it burns
climbs up his legs, scalds
his waist his chest
grips his neck as he swims.

Aching, exhausted,
he strains towards
his waiting lover —