• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 09
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Hide and Seek

At school she’d hidden,
A shadow to the popular girls,
Blonde long-legged beauties,
Always surrounded by love and adoration.

At University everyone played ‘Kiss, Catch,’
Some had even managed to catch,
And keep their heart’s desire,
While she tried to feign disinterest.

She’d kept her head down,
Eyes glued to her computer screen,
Avoiding eye contact with all the young men,
Who cast casual glances at her as she beavered away.

Degree passed with the highest of honours,
Still blindfolded by fear,
She longed to step out,
Escape the lonely, friendless, box she hid in.

It had to be now or never,
Time to seek her real destiny,
Step out of her hiding place,
Even if she was blinded by life’s light.