• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 02
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Hidden from me

The world is hidden from my sight,
With only words of violence dampening my light.

Pictures and puzzles are all a maze,
Perpetual vision lost in the gaze.

Complexities through issues arise,
Leading me to tan out my facial stride.

Holding back my power from them
I feel the greed and anger begin to devour my head.

Slowly as though, a mountain flare.
I see myself battling glares.

Slowly as though, a shadow queen,
I find myself battling gleam.

Hoping for a paradise,
In a world of chambered hell
I lost my sight in this mighty prison cell.

Taken away, pulled apart.
All that’s left of me is a murky dot.

Hidden under a masked veil.
What must I do but wait and conceal?
What must I do but not reveal?

As the world is hidden from my line of eye,
And the conmen have risen.
My hands are tied.