• Vol. 01
  • Chapter 07
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Hid it well

Hid it well, you did, with
that smile never cold
and showers, I'm guessing,
and soap.

Hid it well, you did, with
eye drops that kept the sparkle
and fizzy in-jokes for me and

Hid it well, you did, with
a little kissing and stroking and
never too tired for me, never

Until you turned your back
and I saw you'd turned your back
on me way back when, last week,

I know your back, love, I know
your moles and my scratches and
where your fingers fit and my lips

and that wasn’t me. Not my teeth
not my mouth, not my suck and pull
and bite. Your back's turned, and
oh love

You hid it well, you did.