• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 12

Hey Joe

Hey Joe, I’ve seen what you’ve been: accountant and fraud, (voyeur and secret keeper.) Hey Joe, you’ve seen what I am: my dislocated selves hinged under one face. How’ve you captured that stuttering changeover when parts of me roll free to let the other half click in place… I can only imagine you’ve felt it too.

Oh Joe, that you understand—oh it makes my fingers twitch as each side fights to smile. Joe, (my darling Joe,) what I wouldn’t give to not be as you see me: a halfling creature, part woman, part beast. (What I wouldn’t give to be whole and alone.)

You understand though, you understand. You know my mind better than I do (the other side guards herself against me). You know why we’re here, don’t you Joe? (I know you too, I know you do.) You know why I stand over you, why you can’t leave, not yet (not ever), don’t you?

Hey Joe, you’ve stretched my soul in canvas, you’ve mapped my mind in paint, and what have you found? It’s time to share, Joe. Don’t worry, neither of us are going anywhere.