• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 06
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Hello, I am an empire builder,
and I am here to help you.
I know you didn’t invite me,
but let’s not be formal.
I come from a rich heritage of
melanin-based racial superiority,
but for God’s sake, literally,
let’s just call it evangelization.

Yes, I know you might be aware
of your abundant natural resources,
but you don’t yet know how to
pillage and rape the planet.
That’s a clear sign that you’re uncivilized.
The idea is for me to use your labor
to plunder your riches. So I win,
and oh dear! I win again.

I’m a decent sort, so we’ll just round
my finder’s fee to ninety percent.
In the name of God, gold, and glory,
I can’t take any more of
what I pretend is rightfully mine,
but let’s not quibble, OK?
Of course, everything and everyone
on your land are at my disposal.

I operate in stealth, and cover my bases
leaving no footprints or fingerprints.



Even though my goal is my benefit,
I can pretend it’s for your greater good,
but that’s what “manifest destiny” is!
You think you can get rid of me easily?
I love the term “ample firepower”
And failing that, “exit strategy”.

Meanwhile, I pose victorious on your scarred land,
my intent revealed in my carmine garb,
holding precious resources aloft, triumphant,
while at my feet run rivers of your blood,
tainted with torture, squandered lives,
toxic runoff, and post-colonial turmoil.
Don’t I look like I belong, starkly elegant
against the firmament with the spoils of your labor?