• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 07

Her Royal Flyness

Expanding its reach, the unknown spirit begins to move
Showing the world what it's really made of.
Breaking stereotypes and perceptions, she engulfs every aspect of life.
Coloring her world, filling it with love, freedom, uprisings, culture, and her ethnic attributes.
Dancing around, she begins to inflict those around her with that oh so sweet feeling of self-love and appreciation. Positivity fills the room, can you see it?
That unspoken feeling — what’s it called? Resilience, Breakthrough, Freedom, Power?
Who cares, she is who she is and what she wants to be.

As she leaps from one side to the next
Creating tribes, setting her counterparts free ...
They break through and begin to dance, exploring barriers that once suffocated them
Moving side to side, they begin to dance, their new found glory brings tears to their closed palettes.
Shattering their glass hearts, there's a sense of spiritual release.

Who would have thought this spirit that was once hidden in a dark corner would
have emerged and taken over, spreading glory, peace, dance, confidence ... beauty.

Realizing she’s the owner of her destiny, breaking boundaries and chasing her dreams.
She decides to express and share her new found wisdom.
So what’s left?
Moving forward, discovering new horizons, spreading the joy of freedom and of course, her flyness.