• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 02
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Her Feelings

She communicated,
She reached out and told someone she was in pain.
But that was all in her head.

Her delicate lips were painfully stitched shut when she tried to ask.
Ask for help.
Asking for help is what she needed.

Deep down she knew that she was starving herself,
Starving herself of happiness.
She had lost the sparkle in her eyes and her smile that could light up a room.

She wasn’t herself anymore.
The screaming in her head had swallowed her.
She was being drowned by her own thoughts.

No more hanging out with friends,
Only sleeping while worrying about what she was missing.
No more giggling about boys in her class,
Only watching romantic movies.
Romantic movies that only made her want to cry about what she didn't have.

Food comforted her.
But how would she get food if the only place she feels comfort is her warm sheets,
Not her kitchen.

She hoped that it was all a dream.
She would wake up and it would be five months earlier,
When she had emotions.


Her Feelings

When she didn’t have endless thoughts about the twenty-one missing assignments,
That she couldn’t complete because her mind had locked her in a prison.
A prison that didn’t give her the energy to leave bed.

Feelings had dragged her down and yet she could not feel.