• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 10

Helter Skelter Coupés

Multicolored cars stacked
one on top of another
in an unexpected gathering
of iron, steel, and scrap metal,
chassis as flat as pancakes
oozing oil, spreading grease,
flaking rust, chipping paint;
funeral parlor silence prevails
until westerly winds wail
and relentlessly rustle ripped
convertible cover fabric—
resounding like dirgy bagpipes
haunting the lot night and day.

Towering over bent bumpers
planted in dirt like auto headstones,
the motor car monolith holds
court over residents of a graveyard
where rats scurry though door cracks,   
pigeons roost in glove compartments,
and like feathered Cirque du Soleil
acrobats, gulls maneuver overhead
defile the oak pillar hoisting vehicles
as they draw from an arsenal of aerial
tricks like dive bombing hoods,
pooping on dented hoods, rotting tires
tarnished grills, and shattered windshields.