• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 08

Hell is Human Handed

You found me marooned
on the foreshore of a Shetland beach.
You thought you could harvest me,
transform me into your own creature,
bind me to your life on land
and bid me birth your children.

You thought my beauty would not fade
and your kinsmen would envy you
as they stared at my cape of blond hair
my thick-lashed eyes, my salty mouth
and my oiled scales of turquoise blue.
You sought no consent from me
and I learnt no mercy would come from you.

Too soon my desiccation began,
accelerated by each voiding, vicious birth.
I shrank with fear, dimmed and became ugly
screaming, 'Please, let me free.' But,
your cruel grimace said you had plans for me.
You never would release me to the sea.

One night you murdered me, your merslave wife,
bathed my piscine body in formaldehyde
and encased me in a glass glitter-dome.
You sought to entertain your dinner guests
and watch amused when gentle ladies fainted,
seeing my tormented twisted form.


Hell is Human Handed

Beware, already my folk gather on the strand,
and risk the iniquity of dry manland.
They'll seize you, drown you, in the churning brine,
revenge my capture and my deadly decline
at your hands, you horrendous human male.
Know this, Aquatic Justice must prevail.