• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 12

Hegel’s Revenge

Millennia of farouche guardianship run aground. Centuries of lonely erosion. Sandstone trituration to elemental grains. Riddled, winging back into his own face. Bringing a granular tear to the eye in this parched land purged of water.

Mona Lisa inscrutability, hieroglyphic mythic mystery. Picasso-applied panoptic perspective. Three-hundred and sixty degree circularity misnomered Cubism. Oedipal partner provided for a mind meld. Corporeal convergence. Lips locked in suction kiss. Chagallian floating against gravity on an upthrust of passion. A deepest thirst in this desert of aridity. Hegelian dialectic idealism refuted by a material avidity, a substantial love. A rain of tears. This time not grainy, but watery from a passion wellspring dammed for three thousand years. The animal part tamed human, the mortal guise inflamed bestial. The leonine clench on the throat. Suffocated until dead and devoured. Sphinx grateful at last to have been released from its eternal empty vigil. Assyrian cousin Lammasus repatriated to the soil by zealous high explosive and fanatical sledgehammer. Hypostatised heresy. Atavistic era of sentinels buried beneath fervent art and wild-eyed doctrine. Hegel’s revenge.