• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 02
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Heavenly Gaze

When I ruminate on my days which seem a haze
I feel the presence of a strange spiritual gaze
A source, a light, a halo defining my grace

It resides in my psyche unnoticed, yet making its presence felt
Scanning all that I have dealt
Till my string of fears and doubts all begin to melt

Each day I wake up with a new resolution
As every atom of my body craves for a new revolution
Which makes me double my praying efforts with a new ablution

At leisure I have my share of memory flashes
The nostalgia of youth, the ambitions unresolved, the all impulsive crashes
The promise of rising up again from the ashes

Is it somebody I know or an entity entirely strange?
A force that has taken me completely in its range
A force that is modifying my contours, but itself bears no change

Whatever it is, the very thought of it makes me feel secure
A gaze so pristine, the source so pure
With it beside me, my wounded psyche needs no cure.