• Vol. 06
  • Chapter 10
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Heat(wave) to the Pig

Damp-snouted, bristle-cheeked, bewhiskered king,
You bask in water, clad yourself in mud
To hide your hide from Sunshine's cruel sting,
And seek out shade to cool your boiling blood.
Of lakes and rivers, mountain fjords you dream.
With dexterous nose for cool respite you snuffle
To seek out oceans, tributaries, streams;
Each wet delight a sweet aqueous truffle
Enticing you to cool yourself. Sweet swine,
Despite the torture of this heat, tormenting
You, your dignity and majesty remain,
Not cowed at all by fetid air fermenting.
Take care, dear pig, lest porcine flesh be taken
By Sunshine's callous hand, and rendered bacon.