• Vol. 06
  • Chapter 04
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Hear Me!

She has been through too much, seen too much and the defiance in her eyes is powerful.

Without armour, guns or protection she stands against her oppressor. Years of twisting herself and her body to fit societal norms. As she ages, no matter how hard she tries, society has no place for her. She is to disappear into the background and stay silent and no longer be seen or heard. Only with age and experience does she realise, that it is wrong what she is doing to herself and what society has convinced her to become. She stands defiant with nothing to lose.

Her makeup and hair dye: symbols of her trying to change her image and become something she is not. Not yet able to cast off these shackles. She stands face to face with her oppressor, his face and body protected from the dangers that confront him: femininity.