• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 05
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Have you met my friend?

Some say he is a little silly
Some call him ridiculous
Some even say he really “quacks” them up (oof)

It’s weird, people talk to him like he’s going to respond, as if behind his blank stare and unwavering mouth there is a soliloquy waiting to break the dam of his lips, or I don’t know, maybe...
Shakespeare’s hidden one hundred fifty fifth

He isn’t silent because he has nothing to say
He isn’t silent because he wants to turn them away
He isn’t silent because he’s worried about having the voice of a bird
He’s silent because what if they can’t hear him how he wants to be heard

And that’s why I am here.

I’m here to get him up in the morning
I’m here to get him to sleep at night
I’m here to get him where he needs to be

The little duck hair isn’t really about making a duck look funny, it’s about not being the funniest looking thing in the room
With the same blue shirt, day after day, he knows what they think and he thinks about what they don’t know

Because he doesn’t tell jokes or funny stories about me, they think he’s no fun
They don’t know he bought himself a duck float and me a man float


Have you met my friend?

Because he brings me everywhere he goes, they think he doesn’t want to make real connections
They don’t know his favorite thing is to be in a crowded place, soaking in the experience of relationships he knows he’ll never have

Because he stays silent, they think he doesn’t have anything to offer
They don’t know that the reason he wears that same shirt is because that’s what he was wearing when she left. When she said she’d be back. When she told him to take care of me. When she said she’d see us both soon.

Because he's always here but even if he's never absolutely here, they think he might talk at any moment
They don't know that I'm more likely to introduce him than he is me

I'm here to get him up in the morning
I'm here to get him to sleep at night
I'm here in case she's ever here again.