• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 10
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Harrowing Underground

Lone backpack in a corner
cordless lawn mower stretched horizontal
blocking the rapid transit’s entrance,
plexiglass windows displaying
modern emptiness like an eye
solely focused on the kick-up dimple
at the bottom of a magnum wine bottle.

Persimmon walls deflect acrid tones
from Moulecoomb’s hell hound
to Carlisle Station’s headless man,
restless spirits activate sliding doors
bounce echoes off walls, amplify vibrating
rail squeaks that trigger lights to flicker
& illuminate vacuity aboard the deserted tube.

Steamy window vapor coalesces
water beads drip down transparent sheets
carve vertical, see-through trails on sweat
leave riders apprehensive—verklempt—
as trapped underground victims’ forlorn cries
begin with dead ends, carry though loops,
indiscriminately haunt those living & departed.