• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 08
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Happiness without Love

Gabriella congratulated herself for the bold step she had taken—her life was going to be a new beginning. Convinced that guilt, anger and the belittling remorse will now fade away, she regaled at the idea of staying in the countryside where sunflowers grew in abundance and the clear blue sky made you want to spread your arms in the air. She never imagined that against the backdrop of this idyllic scene she will walk with a man who belonged to her. But the minute details picked up by the artist, eager to paint portraits on the balcony of the villa, did not leave behind the seething and wallowing grimness mirrored by her eyes. When the chance came to grab what could give her the reason to escape the mundane existence, Gabriella did not let the finer emotions of loyalty get in the way. But soon afterwards her soul became tainted with dark spots. On the wedding day a dark brooding cloud sat on her heart and yet she was convinced her smiles radiated love and joy.