• Vol. 05
  • Chapter 02
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‘Happiness’- a Question

Once a question dawned on me,
My hectic mind stopped to see.
As, about joy my mom talked,
Around her, I blankly walked.
Asked her after a little pause,
What joy really was!
She smiled at me and my hand she held,
“someday you’ll know”, she simply said.
Then I asked her where I would find joy,
as she looked at her little boy.
‘How can you find a thing without knowing it,
you’ll have to know happiness when the time is fit."
Today I know what she really meant,
As I lie helplessly on my death bed.
At my life I look down,
Running around in a huge town.
The hustle and bustle of my busy life,
Left me unknown from peacetime.
I kept finding joy in luxuries of living,
But happiness was the only thing it was not giving.
Dissatisfaction wasn’t leaving me that bold,
I regret not leaving the world’s stranglehold.
Today I know what joy is,
Where to find it.
All my life, I kept searching it in the world outside,
When it was within me all the time.
Joy is satisfaction and peace,
It is the result of good deeds.


‘Happiness’- a Question

My regrets wash down through moments of fight,
Disturbing days and sleepless nights.
Today I don’t have time to give out a sigh,
It is better to learn and earn happiness much before you die.
Tears run down my cheeks today,
Taking all the regrets away.
Eyes get closed, and the world loosens its hold,
As God smiles and takes me away to my long forgotten home.