• Vol. 05
  • Chapter 02
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Half pipped

They forgot my eyebrow
but retained the knowing stare,
one lobe is too long
and they left streaks of white on my cheek.
The brow they kept is like a feather
brown blonde guess they aren't being declarative,
I think they forgot the eyelashes too,
I like the mole, very Madonna and the heart shaped chin
makes up for the egg head,
cheekbones could have been a little more pronounced – maybe the teen model includes a kit for contouring?

1. Model 3654 was rejected in favour of model 3655 which included fuller lips – those shown are too thin possibly eliciting claims of enthnocentrism
2. Model 3654 was also rejected on the grounds of conforming to gender norms. The model exhibited too many features which belonged to a human gender and would hence alienate key demographics such as those who identify with dolphins and/or unicorns – as there is no blowhole/horn (select as applicable)

We collect the shells and count them,
We discard the dead and count them.
We see what is salvageable, feed them and when their bones are strong, point them to sea.
Some go for the lights on the seashore and do not make it.
Some are halfway in, halfway out; we wait for their choice. We don't give them names.