• Vol. 06
  • Chapter 09
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Haim nuts about incredible electronic babe!

Please allow, enable and provide a wholesome identical and exact bionic beauty similar to visual mechanical likeness portrayed in email sent to yours truly. Such a robotic counterpart could ease plight of loneliness, and never tire of lame jokes that always generate a yawn. One cannot avoid the inevitable technological trend whizzing twenty first civilization at lightspeed, where humanity dependent upon yesterday's science fiction. Mankind at mercy of those trappings envisioned by wunderkinds that propelled the masses from labor, yet now shackle,nee wire Homo sapiens to technology far removed from simple existence of yore, when people used horse power as their chief form of locomotion in bustling towns inexorably spawned metropolises that birthed towering skyscrapers leading to potential diabolical fiascos by making civilization incumbent on factories generating gewgaws in tandem with industrial nuclear waste. Stellar prescient minds removed since circa Renaissance, (or perhaps even bajillion years ago) intimated an approximation of space age. With arm and hammer, said anonymous random genius's of love foresaw, nailed courtesy arm and hammer Whatsapp pin'n today. Uneasy suspicion exhibited by average lunkheads, who feared the reaper might arrive sooner than desirable. Appreciation, albeit quite belated bequeathed by this garden variety and Luddite until I realized no denial will banish electronic revolution. Way back when run of the mill secular humanist (me), regaled himself with longings for agrarian lifestyle (how small town folk populated vast tracts of unspoilt American vista), thee divine heathen sitting here lurched philosophical trying to envision existence predating machine age. Thus, an attempt arose to codify with basic easy to understand language. Oh... if any ambiguity arises simply avail interpretation task to bionic creation, who will clarify any ambiguity aware of every permutation ordinary mortals, or those gifted with supreme intelligence think.


Haim nuts about incredible electronic babe!

An effort confronts average humble human (me) regarding expressing manifestation of mental process giving rise to feeble attempt elaborating birth oven idea cooking within my noggin. Analogous likened to Michelangelo meticulously chiseling away at marble block, this poe whit attempts to coax (zeal) cabling, formulating, tapping... into his latent and typing gobbledygook. Versatility whipping extemporaneous explanation lodged within fifty plus shades of gray matter as an effort of visual verse motif linkedin with pluperfect futuristic femme fatale falls short of grandiose ambition. Absent cognition explained gingerly. An obsolete microchip implanted in utero cuz, asthma late mum would concur, she sought genetically engineered gluten free, (modified) offspring. Perhaps that accounts for immediate electromagnetic attraction toward synthesized simian. Anyway, the science of biologically contrived progeny in stage of infancy, when this rambling man conceived. Memory issues spark disk cuss ting self loathing. Prolific advancements incorporating microelectronics to mimic if not supercede ordinary abilities risky business when undertaken if subject advanced in years. Though obsolete compared to algorithmically, digitally integrated circuitry, pales alongside routine humanoid creations, a signal doth still flickr when espying meshwork of sublime craftsmanship. How soon can I expect delivery? Can't wait!