• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 04

Haibun for the brushers of pigs

Why would anyone want to brush a mini pig, a boy or girl pig, or give them a phone to play with? Pigs don’t speak microchip or play computer games. Pigs are penned and caged and forced to reproduce and have their babies taken from them. Pigs are herded into the abattoir and slaughtered. That’s what we do with pigs, not brush them with matching nail-varnished hands. If you listen, you’ll hear the pigs scream their stories and you won’t like it, you with the brush. I bet you’ve given them cutsie names too. But you won’t listen. People who put bows in animals’ fur and make them wear baby clothes never listen. They’re laughing too hard.
When the sky falls, it’ll fall first on those with pig-brushes and there will be no mercy.
cruel hands
stroke tenderly rose-scented
eyes tight closed