• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 07

Hagfish Sonnet

Granny’s stocking slipping greyly slack
Floppy bicycle tyre, shucked off mastic
Halloween body-sucker snuffling sea-wrack
Slimey spit of chewing-gum elastic
Leathery belt of drowned swash-buckler
Flayed skin flip-flap in a watery morgue
Alien marsling, spineless cyborg
Cow’s bladder zeppelin, sunk submariner
Plasticine rudder of the Marie Celeste
Grandad’s bandage floating in the night
Curdled milk slop fridge-floor slicking
Giant maggot in Frankenstein’s chest
Flaccid pig paunch of flesh-roll white
Pin-eyed piñata plump for bursting.