• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 06

gulmohar flowers

The redness of the gulmohar flowers
And the green of its leaves
Stand at one end of the road
With a yellow track going across.

I am the eyes of the gulmohar tree
Peering onto the painted road
Walking sedately along the white division
Lodged deep in memory.

As there lives a serene disquiet without
Unsettling and steady all at once
I grasp onto the branches of sanity
In the gales and wild winds of thought.

As events around me take place,
In the recesses of my mind—
I see two lights flash
Signalling which memory to erase and which one to embrace.

Red signifies danger and love
And green wealth and envy
And in the split second of a flash of these colours
Must I decide on a retentive memory.

While I try to choose love and wealth
The best of the both worlds
The flashed signals mix up in my head
Trepidation is all that stays.


gulmohar flowers

I move outward
From the imbricated layers of soul and thought
The sky overhead is overcast
And as I live in a mind's tree overwrought
I espie life moving continuously
As the yellow track before me sees cars zoom across.