• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 05

Guilty Gluttony

It’s all too much –
too much to munch
for lunch, my eyes
the size of plates
of meat and fish
and every dish
awash with fruit
to suit the taste
of every guest,
both man and beast,
invited here
at my behest
to share this feast
of food and wine,
to dine, to sup
from bowl and cup
and off the floor
where lost fruit lies
and flies emerge
to gorge on flesh,
so fresh and sweet,
until replete
while bugs soak up
the spill from jugs
that fill the cups
from which we gulp
our wine, our juice,
to sluice away
the pulp and rind


Guilty Gluttony

we leave behind
when we retreat,
can eat no more –
not hunk of meat
nor lobster claw,
not berry, peach,
or single grape –
agape we lie,
our gullets stretched,
we retch, we fight
for breath, we pray
for death, we clutch
our bellies tight,
it’s all too much,
too much, too much.