• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 12
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With patience and kindness, even something that appears, on the surface, desolate, can one day support an abundance of life again. When we replace a firm grip with a gentler touch, we can begin doing good work. To right past wrongs is not always easy, true, especially ignored ones, that have festered for so long unchecked. Though we owe it to the Earth and ourselves to try.

From ruin sprouts the first green shoots of rebirth, if we just take a step back. Tending only as and when required and letting nature do what it does best – grow. In the absence of our detritus, vitality can return to the oceans too. Without humanity’s pollution, excessive waste, and careless discard; wouldn’t the whole world be a more beautiful place?

Let’s heal self-inflicted wounds, reverse the damage caused by our predecessors and, in so doing, discover something of ourselves. A niche we lost long ago and a better understanding of balance. After all, there is a harmony in the state of equivalence.

Re-spin broken webs, replant lost giants and return missing species. Maybe then, by saving the natural world today, we can save ourselves from a bleak tomorrow…