• Vol. 06
  • Chapter 03
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Grinding, daily

That's it. That's what you signed up for.
There's no escaping now.

Thank god it's Friday. Mondays, right?
Almost halfway there. Watching the clock tick.
This ain't no fucking way to live.
Count days, count hours, count minutes.
Become an expert in the length of a second.

How was your weekend? Got plans for this weekend?
Weekend, weekend, end this week, please.

Comes round again, like history.
Don't stop to think, or you'll remember:
There's years and years left of it to go.
Monday to Friday, nine to five.
Time off for statutory holiday and bad behaviour.

Fuck. Where's the time gone?
Sunday evening and you've not even relaxed yet.

Heavy limbs, dull head, alarm sound.
Should've gone to bed earlier.
Capitalist trade: sacrifice leisure time for sleep.
Go to work tired, hungover, barely there.
You're barely human. It's the daily grind.