• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 01


Grimalkin stopped talking
Leaped off the counter
Looked the other way
The kitchen door opened
The girls turned to look
In came the minister
Carrying a big black book

What are you mixing?
Young Annie, he asked
Tis merely a poultice
For my shoulder good sir
It’s nice to see you minister
Said Alice with grace
Smiling at the old man’s face

I’m just here to keep an eye
As your parents did ask
To make sure you’re safe
And come to no harm
We’re fine thank you minister
Both girls declared
The minister bowed and left



Grimalkin turned his head
And onto the counter he leaped
Two stirs withershins he said
Then one with the clock
Annie stirred as she was told
There, the unguent all done
Ready for the night ahead

They waited for the sun to set
Then rubbed it, each on their head
They picked up their broomsticks
Held them, then both sat astride
And Grimalkin, behind Alice did sit
Eyes closed they rose high in the air
Flew through night to the witches’ fair