• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 02


Yellow was black with shades of pastel
divided against the core of reds.
What colour makes light of the sun?
Pink thought it was red,
but white whispered 'ash'

Life is portrayed by the colour of the wind
when cake equals sugary stone
made in formless bowls of colouring
– so, nature is processed

Man was made painted in peace,
Colours could be concepts/terms/lines
Red turned solid in the face of the cross
when unworthy nails pierced flesh and bones
but Spirit is boneless and vocal,

Colour is an art
and Earth chose grey to shame green
Sand adopted cerulean and the green
sea rippled, melting into azure where
it reached the sky,

With bushes beaten and
impossibles written with bleeding ink,
life rivals faded hue,
It chose colour.