• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 08
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Green Light, Go!

Green Light, Go!
Flush this cultural toxicity,
Uteri are citizens
of a woman’s nation,
everybody’s future
with a sick and twisted history.
Let’s face it,
we’ve been living
well below our station
for the last couple a' centuries.
We’re not hens laying eggs, so
stop milking the mystery.

Green Light, Go!
Tunnel vision mission
through a tinted glass lens.
They say the policy is
just another train wreck, but
it’s carrying all our friends.
I don’t want to break
but I’ve spent centuries
in this same damn bend.
Can you put women
in the constitution
so this misery can end?


Green Light, Go!

Green Light, Go!
Every time my cycle’s late
they wanna regulate the flow.
Propagate the lies granny was told
that the fetus can be controlled.
I say they’re all bluffing
and I ain’t never gonna fold.
I won’t tell my daughter
she doesn’t have a choice.
If you want to force the fowl
you got to bridle the horse.
I’m already out the gate
and halfway ‘round the course.