• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 08
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Green Heaven

What is normal? Do I look normal? I am a crooked crusader basking in neon radiation. A budding sprout gulping green nectar. My straw locks blaze golden apparitions in a lime existence. Spines bend like rulers as mundane minds melt away. Your vehicles flash by like rainbows on wheels, colourful comets behind our tinted shades. Sunken cheeks, angry beeps, blaring profanities, no humanity. Your road is a cesspool of ego and inked tire marks. Your judging gaze follows, going unfazed. Your turning wheels from the world of light sicken me. Bathe in Gaia's green rays and renounce the world of hate from whence you came. Come to the tunnel of tranquillity. Slump weary shoulders, unlock tightened jaws and join us. Imagine your taste buds tingling as cold mint mojitos trickle down your throat. Unlock your stiff jaw as your thoughts melt away into the artificial rays. Join a world devoid of posture. Embrace the grim grinning madness of our green reality.