• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 09

Green Heart

The metallic drip of blindness, 
The drip over the green heart, 
Heart beat, 
           beat,    beating,
in wordless praise in the distance, 
The metallic drip, 
                      drip,     drip,  
dripping over the landscape,
A landscape swallowed up into the knowing, 
The knowing of loss,
swallowed up into the encroaching years.

Now we all gather at the foot of the distance,
All gathered in wordless praise,
All gathered in wordless distance,
All for the green heart,
the heart beating,
in a wordless landscape,
Tasting the metallic construction 
of the jungle,
Tasting the restructuring of society, 
A society on a leaf,
With a wordless green heart.