• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 09
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“got you, stand right there”

...but you had covered your eyes, with pieces of textile – or this is what it looked like – so I said: “you can’t see me” and you told me that you are more than eyes…to feel.

I said: “eyes can talk, hear, touch, smell, what else do you need?” and you replied: “they can’t breathe,” “eyes can’t breathe. ”So I assumed this was the reason you kept your nose uncovered.

I was coming closer and closer, I was asking things about your mouth, color and starting feeling like the little red hood, when you mysteriously said: “oh don’t be afraid,” “I am not the wolf,” “I even wear a cotton hood,” I asked “then who?” and you only replied:

“you are too close.”

“I need some space to feel the room.”

So, I took, few steps back and then I saw, people around you, yelling at me to stop talking – for these were the rules – and I thought: how I couldn’t hear them all this time, when you suddenly screamed “It’s Chris, all right?”

You said: “I’m free,” then starting to laugh, covered my eyes, telling me: “your turn to become the blind man’s buff.”