• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 02
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You pause in your flight
To rest upon my Golem hand
A blaze of light in my deep dark days
Have you come to take away my hunger?

Have you another word for me?

I have been feeding on boulders of pain
And stones of guilt
My gravel tongue, grazing
On fresh ground flesh
Unquenchable, insatiable
Starved of life
Whilst starving life itself
From those who came before

My soul is a cavern, void and hollow
The cold emptiness eternal,
As I leave an infinity of ruin in my wake
But you are so light, so soft
Bringing warmth and such hope,

Oh such hope

Take the word from my mouth
The paper sentence
My judgement and despair
Let the tongue of your flame
Lick my wounds, sear forgiveness
Into this heart of stone
And let me rest