• Vol. 05
  • Chapter 08


Someone sold me for gold;
Ingot rolled, shiny bars sculpted
Like cold hands warming
With friction from counting coins.
Like females' bodies sold,
Painted sweet like ecstasy seeping
Between bones burnt in prayer
Encased in gold; a gift to a Magi.

Promises, secrets spilling
Through painted lips, forbidden,
Forebodings of curses laid to rest
But awakening know the furnace heat
That melts skin to shiny baubles,
To satiate like sex, like wine and sin
But even gods dying with stained garments
Bleeding wet foot prints on asphalt,
From altar to bank,
From womb to grave.



Encrusted fingers kissing liquid lips,
Warming the skin like sun rays
As golden-toned greed
Like Midas reborn,
Like the sour ripeness
Of the orange before rot
Sucks on its skin and births worms,
Slips into hearts and squeezes blood,
Pumps bile and hunger and thirst
And a golden boy's skin,
Son of someone forgetten
Between heaven and hell,
Cackles before warriors
Like a battlefield fading, sacrifice done.

Sin eater,
Gorging on flesh and blood,
Diseased lips kissing the mons veneris
Of the earth, taking earth and blood,
Piss and sweat, rubbing it
Into the skin of the world
Like a child in the dirt,
Give it a piece and call it,