• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 05

Going Home

She found herself alone in a field. A thick mist had developed suddenly, from nowhere.
The light had dimmed, an eeriness and feeling of doom overcame her.
Which way should she turn,
How would she find her way home,
How did she get here?
The last thing she remembered was going to bed and saying goodnight to her parents.
Then there was a dream
and a bright light.
Somehow she was transported from her bed to where she was now. Was she still dreaming?
She hoped she would wake up soon.
Suddenly from the mist before her appeared a hand and part of an arm,
Nothing else, no body was visible.
She called out to whoever it was.
"Who are you? What do you want?"
But no sound could be heard and no answer came from the owner of the hand.
Should she reach out to this hand, would it help her?
Could she trust it? Was she in danger?
The hand reached out to her and grasped hers sensing her fears.
It felt cold but soft. A feeling of calm overcame her. Something told her not to be afraid.
She was going home.
She felt comforted and let herself be led away, knowing that soon she would be back home.
But was it her home?
Would her life ever be the same?
She felt helpless and unable to resist.