• Vol. 02
  • Chapter 10

Go, Darling

You couldn't stomach it, digest it.

Somewhere along the way you lost what you had in this world that's filled with sound and fear and no music.

One foot, then the other.

I wasn't angry. How could I be? You did the thing I couldn't, darling.

You took to the earth with your right to claim what was so silently taken from you.

One foot, then the other.

Out in the open, you cried for Life to speak to you like She once had.

Sick of words, you cradled your song, offering up your one gift to Life.

One foot, then the other.

Your fingertips hold the sound of your pain. I can still feel it on my face.

Your hearing is better out here, you may never come back. How could you, now you know She's got your back?

Get away from us fast and go to Her you must.
Find inside you your temple of trust
your agony, your ecstasy, your blood, your lust.
Sing out your soul until there's nothing but dust.

One foot, Darling.
then, the other.